The Dome

The Dome

The Dome. 2016. Oil on Canvas. 66cm x 79cm.

Like some large exo-skeletal cranial cover, the dome of the U.S. Capitol casts a shadow on those who visit the Mall in Washington D.C. Representing the legislative authority of our constitutional republic, the dome is where the many cycles of our legal system are set in motion. Under the dome, the gears of government have cranked ceaselessly in administrative cruise control, unless filibustered on occasion by some squeaky wheel. For over two hundred years our top lawmakers have saddled up for our grand tour, and in many regards it’s all down hill from here.

Not known for treading lightly, our lawmakers have seen many inflated egos punctured as they have raced tirelessly through endless marathons in all terrain. All the while, as our hard-headed leaders in the chain of command peddle their wares and grease palms on the Hill, there are over 200 bicycle cops patrolling around Washington DC at any one time. With their “Volcanic” 10-speed bikes they are able to go swiftly where patrol cars cannot.



One thought

  1. Another great picture from Alex.
    True to my ‘nickname’ of “BikeBoy” I have to say……… The cycle helmet is an emotive ‘marmite – love it or hate it’, accessory. For the non-cyclist it allows them to be confident that the cyclist is protected, when in fact the best protection of course is that vehicle drivers should give high regard for vulnerable bike users. And for the helmet wearer, who know that their vulnerability is not really much improved by wearing a cycle helmet (stats show), especially if you meet a tipper truck, but we wear them for our loved-ones.
    So my question is to echo your comments, does the Dome on Capitol Hill keep us safe, and improve our life chances?
    More please Alex.
    With love P


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