The Big Thaw

“You didn’t really notice as the flurries turned to whiteout, suddenly you’re snowbound.” You feel as though you’re there, shivering with Steve, as his imposing voice captivates your imagination. “And the cold that seeps into your bones, slowly turns the marrow into stone,” gives me a resonating shudder every time I hear that line.  Metaphorical or not, I think many of us are waiting longingly for a big thaw. Like Steve, we’re hoping that the big thaw is gonna get here soon.

The song is in two parts. Part I is a full-up progressive folk rock endeavor with Steve Mackereth on voice, guitar and haunting mandola, and Alex Smith on methodical piano and exuberant bass. Percussion and production is by the ever-creative Dragan Stojkovski.

For Part II, Alex hits a few melodic notes here and there on a small nylon-strung guitar, accompanied by a minimal string arrangement, all tightly coordinated and produced by Enter the Dragan.

Photography © the Intrepid Chris Blackshear.

“And the ice that forms within your veins, slows the oxygen that reaches your brain.”

Two Worlds Apart 2018.

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